The purpose of this website is to change the way that people think about health and disease through functional medicine, which addresses the underlying cause and not the symptoms of disease. We believe that people should have easy access to their healthcare, so we provide online telehealth and telemedicine which saves both time and hassle.

We believe in teaching people about their health so we provide online workshops and webinars. Dr. Turcotte’s signature system “FIVE STEPS TO HEALTH” is based on scientific studies and clinical research with client cases. Now you can reap the benefits of this transformational approach to healthcare. Dr. Turcotte is sharing her personal journey of renewal which has benefited hundreds of her private patients. Now both patients and healthcare professionals can access a reliable education about physiology and healing modalities in order to empower the patients to create a balanced and optimal lifestyle.

Doctor, as a title, originates from the Latin word docēre [dɔˈkeːrɛ] ‘to teach’, implicating that an important role of the doctor is to be a teacher. The use of charts and illustrations throughout the website and in the education materials support health practitioners with teaching aids and information that will increase their patients understanding of the art of healing within the context of medical knowledge. The new model for healthcare is represented as an inclusive and collaborative approach that enables practitioners to integrate body-soul-spirit solutions into their individual practices and to inspire their patients to do the same.

As you begin your journey to restore your health, keep in mind that there may be moments of cognitive dissonance where the initial response may be to reject seemingly unorthodox information. Please persevere as explanations within this new paradigm are designed to re-frame your understanding about what constitutes authentic health.

Know that you create a balanced lifestyle through educated choices about your body’s physiology that maximize your potential to thrive as a wonderfully created human, embodied with a body, soul and spirit.