Functional Medicine, and being a patient of Dr. Turcotte, has benefited our family in very impactful ways:

  • When western medicine could offer only drugs for our special needs daughter, functional medicine provided solutions to the underlying cause of her Tourette’s Syndrome Plus, resulting
    in almost total reversal of the condition, including the diminishment of symptoms for all comorbid conditions as well.
  • Under Dr. Turcotte’s care, it was discovered that our special needs daughter also suffers from Hereditary Hemochromatosis, a genetic blood disorder that can cause slow damage to internal
    organs over time if not controlled, and most of the time is not discovered until after menopause (in women). The ability to have this knowledge now means a lifetime of better health for our daughter. A western/traditional pediatrician would likely never have considered testing for such a condition, as suspecting this condition required much more time and in depth needs analysis
    than most western doctors are able to conduct.
  • Functional medicine and Dr. Turcotte’s tenacious research skills also uncovered the underlying cause of our younger daughter’s headaches, migraines, and skin rashes. Thanks to Dr. Turcotte’s work, we are now able to use diet and enzyme supplements to keep these symptoms from a histamine intolerance at bay.
  • Through genetic testing, blood work and research, Dr. Turcotte uncovered the likely cause of Darren’s father’s early death due to liver disease. It was assumed in the 1980’s that acute alcoholism was solely to blame, when in fact there was an underlying genetic condition which the alcohol simply accelerated and aggravated. We are hopeful this knowledge and treatment can ward off, or greatly lesson, the effects for Darren of the underlying shared condition.
  • Working with Dr. Turcotte, Rebekah is in the process of treating several conditions that western doctors overlooked.

It is through Dr. Turcotte’s thorough research and detailed needs analysis that a genetic heart condition was discovered, as well several other conditions, contributing to her current state of health. By discovering this vital information now, she hopes to avoid later in life the negative consequences she sees her mother experiencing. It is our belief that working with a functional medicine doctor, and Dr. Turcotte specifically, has resulted in a better quality of life for our children, and for ourselves.

Darren and Rebekah Lacy