Dr. Turcotte and her naturopathic medicine practice has quite literally saved my life. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, renal failure and a low ejection fraction (35%). After one visit to a standard cardiologist, I knew the standard medical model was not for me. It was “one size fits all” medicine where they recommended the same things that were not working. I was not getting better. I had 4 months of feeling the worst I’ve ever felt. Every day I was ready to let go of life.

I found Dr. Turcotte on the web and I believe I was led there. Her level of caring and unbelievable diagnostic skills led to my amazing recovery. She pointed me to the right tests, the right supplements and the right allopathic physicians to work with. The combination of all these things, led by her as my Primary Care Physician, has turned it all around. Six months later, I’m returning to work. I have a handle on my life and a reason to keep living. I don’t believe you can ask for more than that.