If you have a health condition that you want to heal completely and understand the root cause for your medical condition, call Connected Wellness Center. Dr. Turcotte provides personalized attention and explains your symptoms, medical condition and solution in terms of your body chemistry. She recognizes and treats your body as the unique vessel that it is so there are no homogenous solutions to the treatment plan she offers to you as it is customized to meet your body’s chemistry and your health concerns.

This isn’t for the faint of heart. You don’t simply pop a pill and feel better. There are various remedies and treatments that you take but at the end of it, your body is healed, you look and feel better. An average session, due in large part to the bio-chemistry explanations Dr. Turcotte provides, may last up to 3 hours. I highly recommend Connected Wellness Center.
The price for your optimal health? Priceless. I’ve found Connected Wellness to be reasonably priced especially in relation to other supplements I’ve used from Whole Foods, Super Supplements and other Naturopaths.

Also, if cost is a concern, the staff will call your insurance company to help you understand your benefits.