Dr. T,

The treatment with Pro-Sport II is the only thing that brings relief to my body, especially my knees/back where I have chronic pain. Due to Ehler Danlos disease, I have frequent issues with soreness and discomfort in my tissues/muscles, even with normal daily activity. The Ehlers Danlos prevents proper healing and leads to extreme muscle pain and weakness. It also causes increased muscle stress when I work out at the gym. I work out regularly with a trainer to optimize my health and deal with osteoporosis as best as possible in my back and hips.

Over the last few years I tried everything to manage my pain and nothing was effective – from pain killers, NSAIDs, Epsom salts, specialty creams, meditation techniques, Light Stim, physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage, special diets, heat/ice, ergonomic desk at work, etc. The Pro Sport treatments were life changing for me! They allowed me to feel not only relief from pain, but also to increase my exercise and my ability to function at my desk job at Microsoft. In addition, I am now able to travel again via air which I was not able to do previously. The Pro Sport assisted my body in healing problems I’ve had since childhood with my joints/back.

In addition, when I had a series of tissue tears/pulls due to physical activities, the Pro Sport was the key to healing those areas so I could resume my normal activities. Healing my back injury has taken almost 2 years, I know that without the Pro Sport treatments the healing process would have taken even longer.

Thank you!