Dr. Turcotte has helped me optimize my health and has solved health crises that I have had since childhood. She is a specialist who works on restoring balance to the whole person. I measure the progress I’ve made over the last few years by my commitment with her guidance in improving my life-long health.

She doesn’t use a typical western approach with “quick fixes” and treating whatever symptoms are most prominent at the time. She is focused on the root cause/underlying issues and total body healing.

She is the doctor who guides you and supports your health, but you also have to be committed and willing to put the time in to addressing all issues; from the basics of good eating & exercising to genetic predispositions, after all, this is the only life you get! My focus is living my life in the most active, optimized way possible and Dr. Turcotte has been amazing in that journey.

Like my grandmother used to say, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.”