I am very impressed with the results that I’ve seen since being under Dr. Turcotte’s care since Feb of 2011. I had been having pain in my joints throughout my body every morning when I would wake up. On my right hand I had tendonitis from my elbow radiating down to my thumb. I also had a tear in my muscle in my shoulder. The pain is almost gone from the tendonitis. The shoulder pain is reduced dramatically. At night before I couldn’t sleep on my right side due to the pain in my arm. Also I wasn’t sleeping well at all. Now I sleep soundly and pain free. I lost 10 pounds from the detox and my joints don’t hurt when I wake up. I am very grateful for Dr. Turcotte’s ability to zero in on my problems. I went to several doctors before Dr. Turcotte and got cortizone shots, etc. with minimal results. I was also on allergy medication with steroids and Dr. Turcotte was able to get me off steroids and now I just use some UNDA drops that are non-invasive to my body.