To whom it may concern,

I have been going to the Connected Wellness Center since the beginning of this year with hopes to resolve several chronic health ailments, particularly thyroiditis and asthma. I had gone to other health professionals in the past and received care that helped momentarily balance out my thyroid levels (they were fine only for a while), but did not help treat my thyroiditis that was causing my low levels. During my time with Dr. Turcotte, I am learning more about the cause of both my thyroiditis and asthma. She has been working with me specifically to bring down my thyroid antibodies (they have more than halved since I began treatment with her) and to balance out my immune system. As a result of her treatment so far, my sleep has improved (I was initially getting around 5-6 hours of interrupted sleep, and now I sleep uninterrupted for a full 6 ½ hours) and I feel less fatigued (I used to require coffee every day in order to do my work since I’d be tired all day, but now I don’t need it and I’m only tired in the evenings). I look forward to continued improvement in my thyroid conditions, as well as eventual relief from chronic asthma when my immune system balances.