Genes function as blueprints used to make proteins. Enucleated cells eventually die, not due to an immediate absence of genes, but because they cannot replace their worn-out proteins. The nucleus functions as the equivalent of the cell’s gonads, its reproductive system to produce new cells and proteins.

Myth: The DNA that is located in the cell’s nucleus functions as the brain of the cell.

Fact: The DNA in the nucleus provides the cell’s reproductive function. The double walled cell membrane surrounding the cell functions as the cell’s brain. This double wall could be more aptly named the cell “mem-brain”, as it coordinates responses to the environment by providing communication and control.


You are never simply a victim of your genetics. According to Bruce Lipton, world renowned microbiologist and author of The Biology of Belief, your perceptions, thoughts, emotions and other elements that make up your environment provide control of the expression of your genetic makeup (Lipton, 2005). Environmental and nutritional factors modulate the genetic risk of obesity and disease patterns-but you also influence the expression of your genes by your thoughts, beliefs and lifestyle choices.

Figure 3.1 Chromosome in nucleus of cell showing chromatid with DNA


In addition to our 23 chromosomes, human cells have separate genome of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), inherited from the mother. Mitochondrial DNA is a circular genetic code located on  membrain inner of the mitochondria. Mitochondria organelles occupy the cellular cytoplasm and therefore the mDNA is outside the cell’s nucleus in contrast to our nuclear chromosomal DNA.

Mitrochondondrial DNA


Another layer of complexity has been added to mystery of DNA operations. In addition to the nucleotide code producing the enzymes needed to operate the cell, DNA expression is influenced by chemical reactions locked in place over generations and affected by nutrition and other environmental influences.

Epigenetics is defined as inherited changes in gene activity and expression, without the presence of changes in DNA sequence (Bird, 2007).

These non-genetic-sequencing alternations are regulated by two major chemical modifications; DNA methylation modifications and modification by histone proteins associated with DNA (Bernstein, Meissner, & Lander, 2007). Destructive patterns of DNA methylation influence many aspects of disease processes (Ozanne & Constância, 2007).


Advances in the understanding of epigenetics, histone modifications (Li, Carey, & Workman, 2007) and DNA methylation (Jaenisch & Young, 2008) include changes in other pathways by which epigenetics can affect genetic expression.




Chromatin bundles are protein complexes of Genomic DNA wrapped up with other special proteins termed histones.

The basic unit of chromatin is the nucleosome, which is composed of approximately 146 base pairs (bp) of DNA wrapped around the four core histones. This organization of chromatin allows DNA to be tightly packaged, accurately replicated and sorted into daughter cells during cellular division (Koch et al., 2007).

The shape of the chromatin architecture in the genome is organized into “open” and “closed” chromatin territories which represent higher-order functional domains and patterns of the epigenetic markers. This was discovered by scientists in a pilot project called the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE).

The importance of chromatin architecture plays a major role in supporting a diversity of genetic regulation by opening up opportunities for modification through epigenetic changes that control expression of health and disease (Ruthenburg, Li, Patel, & Allis, 2007)


Histones, also known as nucleosomes, are special proteins that bundles found on the DNA strands. Technically, the little ball-like groups of histones resemble beads on a string. DNA wraps around these little balls and coils up to regulate genetic expression. Histones are one of the specific proteins involved in cell division and cancer. (NHGRID) During cell division the DNA strands can replicate and form chromosomes which are made up of this replicated material known as RNA.

The quality control provided by histones affect the cell’s health. It is important that DNA be copied and transported correctly during cell division in order to keep genetic mistakes from occurring. DNA being wound tightly around the histones in the presence of methyl groups blocks the gene reading machinery in the epigenome.

The illustration below shows histones interacting with sections of chromosomal DNA sequences. The histones can be seen regulating genetic expression by winding around the DNA and keeping it hidden from expression by the epigenome.

Figure 3.11 Histones winding around DNA material


The epigenome is signaled by chemical tags which mark the DNA genome building blocks. Epigenetic tags act like switches to turn gene expression off and on. These tags consist of compounds; some of these compounds are ingested naturally when we eat plants and animals as food; others come from man-made sources like medicines and pesticides.

DNA and epigenetics have their own pathways of activation and inhibition. The genetic expression of DNA protein is inhibited by methylation and enhanced by acetylation.


    1. Methylation is addition of methyl groups (CH3) to molecules inhibit the expression of DNA. Methionine and SAMe promote methylation of DNA and histones.
    2. Acetylation is the process of adding an acetyl group (CH3CO) to a molecules and enhances the expression of DNA proteins. Folates and niacin promote acetylation at DNA and histones.


For example, the chemical known as acetyl attaches to the histone tail causing DNA to be wound more loosely around the histones resulting in more DNA replication whereas the attachment of methyl groups to the histone tails blocks DNA replication.

Epigenic tags which turn genes off and on are responding to cell signals. This is basically the control of the DNA that we are referring to as the epigenome.


In the brain, methylation enzymes deliver methyl groups to histones surrounding the DNA located on the chromosomes in the nucleus of the cell. Methylation is achieved by adding CH3CO and removing COOH groups which causes the histones to close up tight, preventing DNA from making the transporters and receptors for reuptake into the storage vesicles of the neurons. The result in an increase in the neurotransmitters remaining in the cleft between neurons. The fewer transporters and receptors, the more brain neurotransmitters can accumulate. Pharmaceutical drugs which act as reuptake inhibitors work on this principle. Acetylation does the opposite, allowing for expression of transporters and receptors, thereby reducing the concentration of neurotransmitters in the synaptic cleft.


The functional activity of methyl groups provides protection and control against arbitrary gene expression in the blood and tissues differently than in the brain. Methylation acts primarily by activating enzymes related to the activity of vitamins, cell signaling and the break-down of neurotransmitters such as catacholamines like histamine.

S-Adenosyl methionine (SAM-e) is made in the liver from adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and methionine by the enzyme methionine adenosyltransferase. SAM-e is involved in methyl group transfers, transsulfuration (which results in the transfer of sulfur from methionine to serine to form cysteine), and amino propylation (to synthesize polyamines in the blood and tissues (Jung, 2015). More than 40 methyl transfers from SAM-e are known, to various substrates such as nucleic acids, proteins, lipids and secondary metabolites.

Problems associated with improper methylation that might interfere with the formation of functionally proper histone beads. Scientists have discovered numerous DNA methylation markers that are correlated with cancer. It is possible that disorders related to histone distortions could also lead to premature aging, chronic diseases such as obesity, and cell death.



The human body emits biophotons, also known as ultra-weak photon emissions (UPE), with a visibility 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eye. While not visible to us, these particles of light are part of the visible electromagnetic spectrum (380-780 nm) and are detectable using modern instrumentation (Schwabl & Klima, 2005).

It is hypothesized that energy, matter and consciousness are related. Consciousness and vocalization may affect wave-activated DNA. DNA is apparently at least an important source of proton emission by cells. DNA is an ultraviolet light system producing information to run the cells (Dotta, Saroka, & Persinger, 2012).  We can affect our genetic expression by our thoughts being translated into light energy in the form of photons. We also can affect our DNA expression by our words which are translated into sound or vibrational energy. (Popp et al., 1984)  Scientists are exploring the possibility that DNA is positively affected by the vibration of 528 Hz. In the future, medicine may rely on the physics of quantum mechanics to make changes in the expression of DNA to restore health and re-pattern bioenergy.


One hundred years ago the famous physicist Nikola Tesla discovered and patented his experiments concerning the wireless transmission of energy through the use of scalar waves. (1900)1. Nikola Tesla: Apparatus for transmission of electrical energy.

(US-Patent No. 645,576, N.Y. 20.3.1900).

Prof. Konstantin Meyl, teacher and researcher in physics at a university in southern Germany is the leading scalar wave researcher. Prof. Meyl has organized a revival of Tesla. After more than 100 years on-going cover up against scalar waves, he decided 1999 to construct an experimental kit, used by thousands of researches all over the world, that that shows how Nicola Tesla worked in the late 1890’s to detect scalar waves, which are longitudinal waves, not transversal, as the electromagnetic waves. (Meyl, 1999)

According to the well-known wave equation rules of vector analysis, waves consist of two parts:

  1. The vectorial part described by the Maxwell equations waves. The Maxwell

Equations only describe transverse waves, for which the field pointers oscillate perpendicular to the direction of propagation (Herz electromagnetic waves).

  1. The scalar part of the wave equation describes longitudinal electric waves (Tesla plasma waves).

Maxwell’s field theory also describes vortices of the electric field. These so-called potential vortices are able to form structure and they propagate in space by reason of their particle nature as a longitudinal shock wave. The model concept bases on the ring vortex model of Hermann von Helmholtz, popularized by Lord Kelvin. These very fast vortices contract in the dimensions allowing them to tunnel. Therefore speed faster than light occurs at the tunnel effect.

Prof. Meyl extended Maxwell’s field theory for vortices of the electric field to explain scalar waves. These so-called potential vortices are able to form structure and they propagate in space for reason of their particle nature as a longitudinal shock wave. Field vortices with particle nature exhibiting high-frequency oscillation become neutral as they are permanently changing their polarity from positive to negative and back, and overtime they don´t have a charge. As a result they are able to penetrate solids unhindered. Particles with this property are called neutrinos in physics.

A Faraday cage is an aluminum case that blocks electromagnetic waves. Prof. Meyl proved that the scalar wave penetrates the Faraday cage with a speed 1.5 times the speed of light by tunneling. No Faraday cage is able to shield fast vortices. Scalar waves are able to penetrate solids unhindered. (Meyle) Konstantin Meyl: Scalar Waves, INDEL-Verlag.



Scalar technology is used at the entrance of department stores, where the customer

Passes between scalar wave detectors. Cell phones operate using scalar and computers run by scalar waves have much better efficiency than even quantum computers. Applications of scalar waves include wireless transportation of electric energy without losses. Tesla’s physic has been applied to the invention of electric cars with motors which do not require a battery can be charged through the air while running without pollution.


Prof. Meyl has outlined the difference between the electromagnetic waves defined by Heinrich Hertz in 1888 and the scalar waves as defined by Nikola Tesla in 1897:

  1. Scalar waves are able to propagate much quicker than the speed of light.
    2. Scalar waves can act as transporters for wireless electricity.
    3. Scalar waves can increase by collecting neutrinos which are the equivalent of free energy.
    4. A scalar wave transmitter is experienced directly, if the receiver is in resonance
    5. There are no shields against scalar wave.
    6. Scalar waves do not decay over distance, you can send them through the earth to the other side without loss of signal.


Prof. Meyl detected a third kind of wave, the magnetic scalar wave, which is biological relevant. So there are three different kind of waves: the electromagnetic (Hertz), the electric scalar wave (Tesla) and the magnetic scalar wave (Meyl).

Magnetic scalar waves define the science of scalar bioresonance, also called radionics. Information transported on a scalar wave can correct dysfunctional biosystems, resulting in a re-informed bio-energetic field and energetic restructuring. The energetic information is capable of initiating a complex energetic transformation in the biological system evidenced by changes in matter (cells) which respond by morphing according to these changes in the energetic field.


Scalar waves are able to explain DNA and cell communications in terms of physics giving opening up an entire new field of medicine and affordable energy.

Scalar waves are able to transmit medical information to the body in a positive context (bio resonance/frequency medicine. Scalar waves are able to be used for the negative in mind control and remote killing.

All biological systems have an electromagnetic field associated with a morphic field, together these fields control all changes at the cellular level. The DNA double helix, chromosomes, and microtubules are the antennas for our body which is a bioenergetic system. All biological systems are bioresonance systems obeying the laws of stochastic mathematic (highest probability) and can be processed by using computers called cybernetics. Medical devices combining sound, light, pulsed magnetic field and scalar bioresonance have enormous potential to diagnose and treat disease in the body.

For example, if you are in a motor vehical accident, you may experience multiple emotions including anxiety and fear. These emotional toxins become trapped in you connective tissues and gases and can lead to deterioration at a cellular level. You may also experience skelatal misalignment such as whiplash, which must also be addressed or dysfunction may follow.

Family traumas, toxins and accidents can trigger stress which blocks energy and leads to disease over time. Genes are not the mechanism of disease, but genetics are affected by energetic messages from their environment. Genes express health or disease as a response to their environment. We call this epigenetics.

Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizes this understanding of the human body to open cycles and restore health. We can use an evolving system of computer programs in modern medicine to do accomplish this goal.

The modern world has many applications of Tesla’s scalar waves for guiding information. WIFI,cell phones and the internet are prime examples of transporting energetic information without wires to a specific receiver tuned to certain vibrations. Electomagnetic waves carry general information and must travel over wire as they lose energy over time. Telephones and electrical wires currently employ this technology.

Scalar bioresidence uses the science of cybernetics, the computer genereated informational waves to re-form the bioenergetic field. The new information (energetic) starts a complex and almost instantaneous restructuring process, allowing the cells (matter) to morph, reestablishing organ (matter) health.


The use of computers to restore health is called scalar bioresonance or radionics. Medical devices currently use this new technology by combining sound, light, magnetic field and scalar bioresonance. The use of scalar waves allows for remote diagnostics and therapy, reduces costs and is a non invasive and individualized approach to restoring health on all levels of the biosystem by harmonizing the patient’s own vibrations.

Old fashioned devices working with strong frequencies shaped as squared or spiked are not able to resonate with human cells, and can damage tissues. Another consideration is energetic pollution such as emissions from satellites which emit communication at around 27 KHz, the freqency controlling the  glucose switch in all living cells. Degenerative diseases, cancer, metabolic disorders  including diabetes and metabolic syndrome X are following the same growth curve as the increase in the number of satellites. Wireless technologies create additional negative effects on the function of hemoglobin and cellular oxygen. Applying digitalized information to balance and repair the body at the cellular level, we can overcome the negative effects of  our environment. Digitalized information transmitted to the cellular matrix in cellular water, can change the inversed polarity of sick cells into the regular polarity of healthy cells. Sick cells are then able to be identified and removed by the immune system. The Geno62 is the first device to apply this technology to reactivate the self healing process.

Modern naturopathic medicine utilizes funtional medicine to regulate and support the bodys own healing force. Systemic Functional Biofeedback uses the body’s frequencies and triggers self-healing by balancing the autonomic dysreglation. An increasingly large number of patients complain of disorders that do not correspond to any pattern recognized by the diagnostic tests used in conventional medicine; these patients require additional diagnostic and therapeutic techniques offered by complementary medicine.