Functional medicine treats the underlying cause of your body’s imbalance that is leading to your poor health.

The basic tenants of functional medicine take into account restoration of the body’s interrelated physiological systems and address the underlying roots of the disease process, allowing the body to restore balance and health by supporting the healing process.

Functional Medicine Tree of Life (Adapted from The Institute for Functional Medicine – Functional Medicine Matrix Tree of Health vs Disease).


Figure 2.9 Western medicine’s 8 body systems

Western medicine tenants embrace eight systems of the body, which function largely independently of one another. The interactions, interconnections and developmental stages relating to each system are not emphasized. Western medicine is the dominant medical model in use today within the U.S., even though it is relatively new and experimental compared to traditional medical systems.

The differences between our current western and the more traditional functional medicine approach founded in balancing physiology, anatomy and pathology have grown more pronounced as control over the medical industry has been increasingly centralized within the United States, resulting in more treatments that suppress symptoms and rely on heroic interventions such as drugs and surgery. WWII and the advent of antibiotics launched this new era of Western Medicine in the United States to the present, but changes are rapidly modifying the model of Western Medicine.


Are you ready to find an alternative to drugs? The answer lies in balancing the body’s systems. Your body is made up of interconnected bio-systems. These systems interact with each other and have a genetically programmed timeframe for development from conception though completion of the biological lifespan.

Figure 2.7 A functional interaction of body systems


Most people don’t realize that drugs turn off enzyme systems.

Pharmaceutical drugs are specialized toxins which turn off enzymes and interfere with enzyme functions by blocking biological pathways. Drugs can create side effects, which are often the expression of a more serious disease. Suppression of the natural balancing response leads to chronic symptoms and chronic disease.

Enzymes are needed for life. Almost all chemical reactions in biological metabolism need enzymes in order to occur at rates sufficient for life. 

Enzymes are biological molecules that are utilized to increase the rate of chemical reactions. This is called a catalyst in chemistry. An essential foundation for healing consists of balancing enzyme systems.

Your body is made to be self- healing. Enzymes drive the cell’s ability to function and heal. By treating the whole person and removing the underlying cause of disease, you do no harm to the body’s natural physiological self-healing processes.

Figure 2.10 Contrasting approaches to medicine

Symptoms are the body’s language of healing for telling a story that can be interpreted to treat the underlying cause of imbalances and reverse disease. The function model is effective for treating chronic diseases, such as obesity, by supporting the body’s attempt to balance.

Your biosystem is directed by an energetic template which manifests health starting at conception. If balance is maintained, through proper elimination of toxins and regeneration of damaged tissue, you will remain in good health throughout your life.