Walking the Talk; A Personal Testimony from Dr. T…

In 2006, I was 55 years old and I had gained 25 stubborn pounds of the dreaded post menopause weight that would not go away with dieting, exercise and supplements. I could not identify with the matronly looking woman that I was starting to see in the mirror, where had I gone? I was tired, unable to sleep more than four hours a night, craved sweets and was too exhausted to exercise.

In the ten years between then and the first publishing of this book, I have devoted myself to researching and applying the principles of physiology, organic chemistry and natural medicine in order to reduce my weight to my healthy body type weight of 125 lbs., the ideal for me at 5’4” tall with an adrenal type build. I was able to take years off my appearance and restore my energy levels to about that of my 20s.

Dr. Turcotte, husband Larry 2006. Size 12

Dr. Turcotte, 2015 size 4, 125 lbs. (25 lbs. lighter), 66 year old mother of three and grandmother, “walking the talk”
65 IS THE NEW 35!

You see, it’s truly all about restoring balance and maximizing mitochondrial function. It hasn’t been a “cake walk” for sure, but it’s been well worth the investment because of the hope that it gives to others.

I have discovered how to maintain youthfulness and restore my health. Best of all, I sleep 7-9 hours a night and work out almost every day while still maintaining my medical practice (including writing, teaching and doing clinical research). At some point,

I may consider not doing my own housework and cooking, but at least I know it will be a choice and not a necessity from being too old and tired. You can do this as well. The challenges are different for all individuals, but the effective solutions can be achieved through individualized programs, based on the knowledge of science, genetics and individual needs… and, of course, a lifelong commitment to action on your part.